"Amazing how a tree can garner such affection and loyalty" - The Love Tree

        - It isn't very often that you have the opportunity to meet folks who are tuned to nature and understand that you don't live unless you are loving and giving to others and not expecting anything in return. I am happy that our paths crossed Marilyn and Bruce. And here is the story of the Love Tree.  

"We bought 100 acres of land near Douglas, Ontario in the spring of 1996 with the idea that we would retire there. A narrow year-round stream bisects the property and beavers have flooded parts of it into a marsh. We built our house in 2006 overlooking this marsh and we see a lot of wildlife.
When we first explored our property, one of the landmarks we noticed was a large Maple Tree.
Initially the tree had a rough ladder nailed to it - hunters had used the tree as a perch. We took that ladder down. We only wanted natural fauna to be perched in that tree.
We have always considered our land to be special and for some reason, when we walked past this Maple Tree, Bruce and I would hug it - our arms just reached around it - and I would make a wish. That tree was along a walking trail we cut and so we passed by it often.
We showed the tree off to visiting family members. They loved the tree too and would hug it for good luck.
Maple trees can live for a long time but they do have a finite life span. We estimate the tree was about 100 years old. Just after we noticed that part of the tree had come down at the end of 2006, my younger brother (and Bruce's best friend) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And the year he died - 2008 - was the year the rest of that Maple Tree came down.
We let in rest in peace for several years and in 2010, Bruce cut some boards from our old Maple Tree using a chain saw mill.
.... And now you have some of those boards - and we are happy that they have found such a good home!
Marilyn and Bruce"
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